Grainger’s Fabsil 5 Litre easy to carry.Includes UV protection.For tents/awnings/gazeebos etc


Grainger's Fabsil, 5L drum
Easy to carry and pour
Suitable for tents, awnings, gazeebos etc
Can be painted on, or sprayed.
Apply to clean, dry fabric with a new paintbrush or coarse spray.
To ensure a uniform finish, treat all of the article and maintain a “wet edge”.
Immediately after application rub treated fabric with a clean cloth and allow around 6 hours drying time.
Rain and dew must not contact treated materials until the proofing has dried.
1 Litre of fabsil will cover upto 18 sq metres of nylon / 7.5 sq meters of light weight or 5 sq meters of medium weight canvas.
An average light weight 2 person nylon tent is approx. 6 sq meters.

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