Fenwicks Over Wintering Caravan/Campervan/Motorhome Protection


Fenwick’s Overwintering Exteroir Protector is a protective ‘jacket’ for the winter months. Its unique properties actively repel water, dirt and algae without the need for a cover. Simply apply after cleaning. It is suitable for use on plastics, aluminium, glass, acrylic windows, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants, paint and much more.

Available in 1 Litre Bottle


Step 1: Clean unit with either Fenwick’s Caravan or Motorhome Cleaner and allow to dry.
Step 2: Mix 1 part Fenwick’s Overwintering to 4 parts water. (Usually half a litre of Fenwick’s Overwintering with 2 litres of water will cover most units.)
Step 3: For best results apply using a garden spray or a sponge or a brush.Cover all surfaces evenly from the bottom up, and leave to dry. It will take 3 to 4 hours to dry properly.
Step 4: To remove Fenwick’s Overwintering use a 1 to 10 solution of Fenwick’s Caravan Cleaner or Fenwick’s Motorhome Cleaner.

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