Calor automatic 2 cylinder change over valve with OPSO


Calor Essentials automatic 2 cylinder change over valve with OPSO

Recommended for use with 19kg and 47kg propane cylinders

Calor Essentials TR800 OPSO 2 Cylinder Automatic Changeover Regulator Kit, now with TELEMETRY READY capability to accept the electronic CompacTi device for remote cylinder readings and notifications, incorporating a “Push to Set” over pressure safety system with indication.

Whether two, four or more cylinders the CTR800 OPSO ensures reliable pressure delivery and consumer safety with the new over pressure protection system. No need to remove caps or pull resets – just a clear “Push to Set” device cancelling the red trip indicator. The latest in the range of Compact regulators for LPG cylinders using the new patented OPSO design.

A Twin-stage, twin-cylinder installation gas regulator kit, Ideal for gas fires, cookers, hobs and ovens etc.

For use with propane gas only.

This item must be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

  • Consumer Safety Reset CSR – Allowing the homeowner to quickly “reset and go” the gas installation, should the OPSO shut due to events such as accidental impact when changing cylinder, overwintering etc. which can be more of a nuisance than a hazard, but still protecting the consumer and property against potential excessive high-pressure incidents. The new design ensures that the device cannot be tampered with or adjusted so continued intervention then clearly indicates that a qualified engineer is required to inspect the gas installation and reseal in the normal way.
  • Telemetry Ready to accept CompacTi remote electronic cylinder monitoring device (optional additional purchase).
  • Excellent change-over performance, further enhanced by the CompacTi device when fitted using Clesse Integrated Intelligence to delay notification on the CompacTi application until all gas is used on one side.
  • OPSO “Push to Set” Consumer safety system with indication
  • “le Clic” changeover head position with reserve indicator
  • 5 kgh 70kW – 37mb new design
  • Non-return valves and filters on both Inlet ports to prevent leakage when changing cylinders
  • Equipped with a limited flow safety relief valve (LRV)
  • Protected breather vents positioned under the tough plastic ABS weatherproof designed casing
  • Engineer adjustable pressure regulation

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